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Autumn 2015 Updates

We’ve been hard at work streamlining our front-end, among other things. New Account Section We have revamped the My Account section, improving the look and feel of the interface, as well as adding several new sections (and improving existing ones). Details below: Responsive design: We know most of you use from your [...]

Service Improvements – September 2014

Hi everyone, we would like to inform you about a few improvements we did last week: Both Kraken API and Web Interface now accept images up to 16MB in file size. We migrated to the new Data Center in New York City with much better connectivity and uplink redundancy. We’ve also upgraded our dedicated machines with way better CPUs so [...]

Optimizing Images on Alexa’s Top 100 Global Sites

At we are pretty good at image optimization. This time we checked how well Alexa’s Top 100 Global Sites are optimized. On the 3rd of July 2014 we crawled those 100 websites and optimized all of their images – not only those found in img src but also those from CSS files (background images). On average we were able to save 12% [...]

Introducing Reseller Account

Our Premium and Enterprise plans are now Reseller enabled. If you would like to be a reseller, or provision your customers with Kraken API credentials which you can control the price of, our Reseller Account is perfect for you. Within your Reseller Account menu you can provision (or delete) sub-accounts with individual API credentials [...]

Service Updates For Early 2014

Hi everyone, We never stop improving Kraken – and as such, we have just rolled out some nice and useful new features including: UI enhancement: We have updated the UI of our Web Interfaces (both FREE and PRO) to make it lighter and sexier. New feature introduced: Chrome browser users can now drop entire folders to recursively [...] introduces Web Interface Pro

To all image optimization and web performance junkies, We just wanted to announce that we have revised our paid plans to something we think is more sensible than what we had before, based on a couple of important observations, which I’ll touch on below. Basing packages on a set number of images does not make any sense. For instance, a [...]

Introducing Developer’s Plan

Our new Developer’s plan is designed to allow you to take all the time you need to integrate with our API. Our endpoint will parse your request, validate your JSON, process uploads, obey callback_url option, etc. Everything will reflect production usage on a fully-featured Kraken API plan apart from the actual optimization process [...] on Microsoft’s

We are excited to announce that, starting from today, is powering the image optimization test of Microsoft’s site scan tool found at offers a scanner which detects problems with webpages, particularly cross-browser compatibility issues, and many other various optimizations which can be performed, [...]

Announcement: Pricing update!

Today we are excited to introduce you to our new pricing! We have decided to halve our prices for a limited time of 60 days. These price changes are effective immediately, and subject to further review before the end of that period. Ideally, we would like to keep them as low as possible, as we continue to add value to our service in [...]

Welcome to the new Kraken Image Optimizer

First of all, we would like to say a big “Thank You!” for using Kraken API since we launched in May 2012. Our goal has been to bring you the best online image optimizer in existence, and you helped us figure out how to go about achieving that. There reached a point where we knew we needed to deliver an entirely new platform, [...]