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April 2024

Categories introduces Web Interface Pro

Karim SalmanKarim Salman

To all image optimization and web performance junkies,

We just wanted to announce that we have revised our paid plans to something we think is more sensible than what we had before, based on a couple of important observations, which I’ll touch on below.

Basing packages on a set number of images does not make any sense.

For instance, a quota of 5000 images per month, with a maximum filesize of say 4MB only makes sense in terms of value if you have roughly that number of images of that particular size. It is an absolute no-go in terms of value if you have a few thousand small to tiny images. While this should have seemed obvious, it actually went way over our heads at first.

But now we’ve fixed it now. As of Christmas Day, Quotas are based on much sexier byte volumes, so getting an icky feeling from using up quota on smaller images won’t happen anymore. You can check out our revised plans here:

These days people are genuinely confused about what an API actually is.

Okay, this one really took us by surprise. It seems to us that the term API is so overused these days that it is practically meaningless. We got lots of sign-ups from people who had expected that “API access” actually meant access to a web frontend which enables the optimization of larger images.

It kind of makes sense when I think about it. Just about every productive website has an API to enable the automatic consumption of whatever is it they are offering, and most actually offer consumption of said service through the use of some sort of a web frontend. So it’s pretty much taken for granted that an API can be consumed through a website without writing any code. In our case, we had no frontend to enable the subscriber to consume his or her API access.

So, rather that use more words to really spell out what an API actually means in our case, here at we whipped together a premium frontend for image optimization – our Web Interface Pro. Now there can be no more confusion. Everyone gets API access. Everyone get access to a dead-simple frontend. Check out the Pro features below

In summary:

Happy holidays and keep feeding the Kraken!

— The Kraken Team

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